LONRHO Springs Angola

Lonrho Springs Angola Lda ("LOSA") is a joint venture between MITC, Lonrho plc and the Angolan Business Corporation (ABC). MITC is a 15% equity partner in the venture.


Like most industries in the country, the water industry in Angola is in its early stages of development. There are some well-known local players like BomJesus and Pura, but stock shortages are common. Local production of bottled water cannot fully satisfy market needs, thus a substantial portion of the market continues to be supplied by imported products, mostly from Angola's former colonial power, Portugal.


LOSA aims to become a key player in the Angolan water market. It will provide state of the art water treatment and bottling technology. Reliability of supply will be one of the main competitive strengths of LOSA; this will also help differentiate the brand from local competitors.


LOSA's factory is currently under construction in Caxito, Bengo province, about 40km from Luanda. The factory will have the capacity to treat 15,000 litres per hour and the water will be sold in of 0.5, 1.5 and 5 litre bottles. All machinery will be fully automated, minimizing al manual interference and thus guaranteeing the highest quality and safety of the end product. The operational team will be supported by regular technical and operational assistance visits from Lonrho Springs headquarters that will ensure the staff is properly trained to keep production lines in perfect shape. ISO certification is expected to take place soon after the start of operations. LOSA's own Sales & Distribution Department will handle all the distribution for the company.


Ultimately, the success of LOSA will depend on consistently producing a high quality product, pricing it competitively and effectively distributing it to market. However, LOSA also recognizes that long-term sustainability will only be achieved through an environmentally conscious approach that ensures responsible management of its water asset. To this end only biodegradable chemicals - that can be safely released back to the environment - will be used in the cleaning process.

If you would like additional information on Lonrho Springs Angola Lda, please contact:

Luiz da Silva Lonrho Country Manager - Angola
T. +244 222 372 029/36 | F. +244 222 332 340 | M. + 244 929 728 385

In the 1970s, along with South Africa, Angola represented a hive of industrial activity on the continent. Today’s context of political and economic stability coupled with the reconstruction of vital infrastructure, government efforts to diversify the economy, and inflows of foreign investment have led to a renewed confidence that Angola can regain its industrial standing. Robust growth in recent years has permitted Angola to pursue private-sector development. Although this growth has largely been driven by crude oil exports, it has also paved the way for increased fiscal expansion and an outward shift in domestic demand that is propelling other sectors of the economy. Non-oil sector growth has already outstripped oil-sector growth.

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